Goodbye Uncle Timmy

Uncle Timmy is gone. That is a hard thing to consider and I didn’t even know him as well as many others. Uncle Timmy was this larger than life person. This everlasting Uncle to everyone. You adopted him as soon as you met him and only realized what happened later.

Uncle Timmy was real life magic. He ran a convention where hundreds of strangers gathered to meet with like-minded individuals and left as family. He had an amazing ability to listen. If you had a question he would listen, pause for a moment and then provide an answer. He provided direction and a sense of support to even those of us who didn’t know him that well. If you were at Libertycon and ran into a problem, you could always go to Uncle Timmy. I never really had to, outside of directions, but I knew that I could if I needed to because Uncle Timmy told me so and he meant it.

Uncle Timmy you will be missed.



You’ve set sail for the Undying Lands

leaving the rest of us mortals behind

The gentle waves carry you onward

as we watch through blurring eyes

You have earned your peaceful rest

though we are left heavy hearted

Wise Uncle and keeper of magics

too soon have you departed

Such loving spark in a human soul

so caring, clever, and so kind

Too soon will it always be

to those who are left behind


The troll and Uncle Timmy

There is this thing about the internet that makes some people think that flaunting stupidity is okay and something to be cheered.  Trolls don’t just live under bridges anymore.  They live in comments and behind fake names.

Pardon me while I rant.

Two days ago a writer by the name of Jason Cordova, posted this on his blog.  I wish I had seen this the day it was posted.  I second or 102nd the outrage people are expressing about “Uncle Timmy” being uninvited to Archon.

You see I am just a fan. Just a nobody really.  I like science and science fiction. I like to write science fiction, fantasy, and poetry.  I am also an introvert with anxiety depression.

I have attended many anime conventions over the years with my small group of friends.  The fact that my friends were with me made the crowds okay.  I had never attended a science fiction convention until two years ago.

I don’t even remember how I found out about LibertyCon.  (Probably stumbled over it on a webpage somewhere.)  I do remember being both excited and nervous as I ordered tickets.  I went by myself and was sure everyone could hear my heartbeat echoing in the parking garage as I got out of my car.

I wandered around until I finally asked where check in was.  A long table covered in white table cloths stretched down a sort of crowded hall.  I had seen bigger crowds but usually I had the buffer of my friends on either side.  When I stepped up to pick up my badge, a graying-dark haired, heavy set man with a beard handed me my piece of laminated plastic.  He grinned at my hesitant questions but answered them all and in just a few minutes I didn’t feel as much like a gate crasher.   That man was Tim Bolgeo, otherwise know as “Uncle Timmy.”

I saw Uncle Timmy around a lot that weekend, though I didn’t really talk to him much.  I did see how he interacted with all and sundry. He was very at easy and really did seem like everyone’s favorite uncle.

This will be my third year attending Libertycon.  I am going by myself again but I am not worried.  It feels more like attending a family reunion than a convention.  I am positive that is largely do to the man who started Libertycon, though he has since stepped down.

True I don’t know Uncle Timmy very well.  I only know what I have seen.  And that is someone who is kind, funny, and intelligent. Not the same person the bridge dwelling comment troll complained about.

I have never attended Archon though I have considered it.  Now I don’t think I will.  The small amount of interest I did have, has just been killed by poor taste.