Making Mistakes

Recently I was applying a thick coating of antibiotic cream to an abrasion my eldest error-101407_1920achieved from doing something she realized (in retrospect) was a bad idea. It was while listening to her hiss in pain as she attempted to hold still that I was struck with a thought. Kids are a second chance to learn from your own mistakes.

You see, the thing she did was something I easily could have done once upon a time. I have even considered it before. However, by that time I was old enough to think the idea all of the way through and realise what the end result would probably be. She is still at the age of: “I have an idea! Let’s try it.”

Being a parent of really creative children is a joy and a challenge. They come up with some wonderful insights but they also find their fair share of trouble. Sometimes they find that trouble earlier than they are prepared to deal with it. Mostly it is because they simply haven’t learned to think things through. It can be a hard lesson to learn. Some people never learn it.

doctor-1015624_1920Bumps, bruises, scrapes, and embarrassment help encourage us to look ahead to possible outcomes. This is a good thing for self preservation but it can also be a bad thing if you only weigh the negative outcomes. There is a balance that has to be learned. Sometimes it is worth it to take the chance. Sometimes it is not. The important thing is to think about things before you do them.

I would like to say this is a lesson I know well, but that would be a lie. In some things I am good at looking ahead and going “Nope. Bad Idea. Okay, Plan B…” In other things it never occurs to me. (Hence the three novels currently being worked on all at the same time.) Sometimes I see the mud puddle and jump it without look to see what the ground is like on the other side. That is a good way to lose shoes. (I know from experience.)

If my daughter had thought things through she wouldn’t have gotten hurt. It is a lesson she has learned and will not repeat soon. It also reminded me of my own mistakes and the things I learned.

Parents like to repeat: Look Before You Leap. There is a reason. It is cliche but it is ancient silhouette-1082129_1920wisdom we try to pass on. We try to warn our offspring. Often they don’t listen to the warning and end up making their own mistakes anyway, just as we did.

One day they will grow up and pass that phrase on to their own children, who will roll their eyes and make mistakes. It is part of the learning process. However, if the same mistake keeps getting repeated over and over then the lessons aren’t getting through and it may be time for extra guidance. (Unless you are trying to make something. Then those “mistakes” turn into “drafts” or “experiments.”)


Monday already?

Today is Monday.  This may not come as a surprise to most of you, but to me it was a MondayAgainrecent realization.   Recent as in about thirty minutes ago.  I mean I should have known it was Monday.  The kids went to school and everything, but I worked last night and sometimes I loose track of the days.

82nd_Airborne_Mass_Jump-JSOH2006It also didn’t help that I slept hard today.  It was very difficult waking up.  I had to swim my way back to waking world from dreams of being kidnapped by parachuting special forces guys, and being spirited onto a plane to be interrogated by the NSA about some pink goop in mason jar lid, that dissolved the lid.  Then, like the man behind the curtain, the current Speaker of The House showed up to further interrogate me and find out if they wanted to toss me into a secure jail cell or use my great scientific knowledge.  (I’m not sure where they were expecting this great scientific knowledge to come from.  Also the Speaker of the house was wear face power and lip gloss.)

I want to say it was a nightmare because it was creepy, but I guess it was just really weird.  So anyway here are my excuses for not doing a decent post.  I forgot it was Monday,  I was melon cattired, and now my head feels like an over ripe melon.