Writing Pain

tacks-1726654_1920This morning I stepped on a tack in the kitchen while feeding my cats. It hurt of course, but it also lead me to start a new short story after I had my wound properly disinfected and bandaged. I am a writer. That’s how things happen. I am also easily distracted which is how shortly after 300+ words on the new story I suddenly found myself sewing our shivering Chihuahua a shirt out of a bit of leftover fleece.

Anyway, I am now currently researching superstitions to help with the new story because stepping on a tack sounds like something that should be involved with a superstition. I don’t really know what the story is about completely. I have a general idea and it will have the feeling of cool October days to it, I hope. Sort of a seasonal type story or something. I’m still working on it.desk-3231118_1920


I really should have a degree in folklore rather than science, with a focus on history and literature. I certainly research folklore enough.


Yes I am a dork

So this weekend I will only be getting writing done in the early morning (which is when I write best anyway) because I am currently at an Anime convention with a bunch of friends.  Yes, I am a serious Scifi and Fantasy writer and yes I dress up as Japanese Animated characters one weekend a year.

I don’t believe in taking myself too seriously.  I think enjoying the fun things in life is important.  For me, putting on a purple wig and a white coat followed by getting my picture taken while I pose with a bunch of costumed strangers is fun.

If you want to give it a writing spin then walking around in a costume and pretending to be someone else gives me practice thinking like other people, which is helpful with characters.  Also, I write scifi and fantasy.  A lot of Anime fans read scifi and fantasy.  I am rubbing elbows with my readers right now.   Conventions are good for this.  I brought business cards with me, just in case. 🙂