The month for lightbulbs

I know, long time no post. I did mention back in August (I think) that I wouldn’t be posting
as often because of school and such. Life is still as crazy and busy as ever. However, I thought I would take a moment to let everyone know what I am working on. It is for school but I think it will have added benefits by the time I am done.

I didn’t come to that conclusion by myself, mind you. It took a comment from one of my classmates to make me see the potential. Thanks again Emily.

lights-1088141_640“…You could add links to your possible ideas and rough drafts so others can get an idea of your writing style and interests!”  I read this will drinking coffee
and the thoughts exploded in my brain like Christmas lights coming to life. I’ve had some complaints here and there that I don’t write enough about my writing. There are several reasons for that.

One is because I often use this blog to empty my brain of all the other things that get in the way when I try to write. It is my freedom space. All of those thoughts or ideas that have to go some place usually go here, with exceptions of course. This blog is me talking to myself in a crowded room. Yet, no one looks at me funny because if you are reading this you came here to see me talk to myself.

Now I have to create a new blog for school. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I mean I 6a00d8341c630a53ef013488af5745970c-800wihave this one, amazontwitter, a facebook page, and I have a web page. I don’t update those anywhere near often enough. Why would I want to add one more to the mix? Why would I want to do all of that work for just a grade?

Then Emily commented on my post in our discussion area, (I am going to MTSU online) and it was like the scene from Dead mc2_robinwilliamsPoet’s Society when Robin Williams stands on his desk to gain a different point of view. My eyes were opened to the possibilities. I have needed a place to stash links to things I find online that I want to revisit. I am focusing on History and Literature at school, which is pretty much regular life for a grade and a bit more structured.

(I seriously should get my kids to guest post aboutIMG_20160409_144243004 how many museums and historical sites I drag them to and the documentaries we watch.)

So, coming soon: Back Stories: History in Fiction. It will be on blog spot because I like to spread myself around like that and it is something new to poke at. I will post a link here when I get it up and running.



Old Habits

Victory-TeaThis morning I am tucked away in the corner of a cafe that I used to write in all the time.  I haven’t been here in awhile.  I stopped coming because it was often busy and a little too noisy for my concentration.   Right now it isn’t so bad.  Either the cold wet weather with the promise of snow has kept people away or I have managed to get here early enough to beat the rush.  However, they have also added a “drive thru” since the last time I frequented the place and maybe that has cut down on the crowds.

I am here hoping that different scenery (and tea or coffee that I don’t have to fix myself) tea not warwill help me have a productive writing day. I feel rather sluggish this morning and I have a bit of catching up to do.  I also recently added even more to my plate by offering to work on another project with a friend. (It’s going to take a lot of research.) This particular cafe is one of the few that are open this early.  I could go to Starbucks or something but not if I expect to avoid big crowds.

This place holds good memories.  I often would meet friends here for early morning coffee and conversation.  Back in college, another friend of mine and I would be late to Biology on a regular basis, because we would stop in for a quick cup of hot cocoa in the winter.  Right now those friend are either tucked in their beds, preparing for work, or across the ocean from me.

I don’t think I will fall back into the habit of coming here on a regular basis but everyone once and a while might be nice.teaparty