The month for lightbulbs

I know, long time no post. I did mention back in August (I think) that I wouldn’t be posting
as often because of school and such. Life is still as crazy and busy as ever. However, I thought I would take a moment to let everyone know what I am working on. It is for school but I think it will have added benefits by the time I am done.

I didn’t come to that conclusion by myself, mind you. It took a comment from one of my classmates to make me see the potential. Thanks again Emily.

lights-1088141_640“…You could add links to your possible ideas and rough drafts so others can get an idea of your writing style and interests!”  I read this will drinking coffee
and the thoughts exploded in my brain like Christmas lights coming to life. I’ve had some complaints here and there that I don’t write enough about my writing. There are several reasons for that.

One is because I often use this blog to empty my brain of all the other things that get in the way when I try to write. It is my freedom space. All of those thoughts or ideas that have to go some place usually go here, with exceptions of course. This blog is me talking to myself in a crowded room. Yet, no one looks at me funny because if you are reading this you came here to see me talk to myself.

Now I have to create a new blog for school. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I mean I 6a00d8341c630a53ef013488af5745970c-800wihave this one, amazontwitter, a facebook page, and I have a web page. I don’t update those anywhere near often enough. Why would I want to add one more to the mix? Why would I want to do all of that work for just a grade?

Then Emily commented on my post in our discussion area, (I am going to MTSU online) and it was like the scene from Dead mc2_robinwilliamsPoet’s Society when Robin Williams stands on his desk to gain a different point of view. My eyes were opened to the possibilities. I have needed a place to stash links to things I find online that I want to revisit. I am focusing on History and Literature at school, which is pretty much regular life for a grade and a bit more structured.

(I seriously should get my kids to guest post aboutIMG_20160409_144243004 how many museums and historical sites I drag them to and the documentaries we watch.)

So, coming soon: Back Stories: History in Fiction. It will be on blog spot because I like to spread myself around like that and it is something new to poke at. I will post a link here when I get it up and running.



Heinlein’s Rules For Writers and other things I learned at LibertyCon

This weekend I attended LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN for the second year in a row.  I enjoyed it just as thoroughly this time as I did last year and learned even more.  As writers we often spend a lot of time on our own, even if it is just inside our heads.

Insecurities creep up on us because of the solitary nature of our craft.  It is nice to get out there and find other people who experience the same joys and the same set backs.  It is wonderful to know that you are not alone and not the only one facing certain problems.  And when you find those other like you, then realize they have found a few solutions to the problems you’ve been struggling with… well it’s enough to start the angels singing.

This is the reason so many professionals encourage writers to join or form writing groups.  Alcoholics have AAA, writers have writing groups.  They both serve the same purpose.  To offer support.

This is just the first post on my con experience this year. I will post again, preferably after I manage to get several uninterrupted hours of sleep.  It astounds me how often I learn something that is new to me but seems to be common knowledge to many others.  I believe Heinlein’s Rules For Writing falls into that category.  My thanks goes to authors Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta for enlightening me.


Rule One: You Must Write

Rule Two: Finish What Your Start


Rule Three: You Must Refrain From Rewriting, Except to Editorial Order3

Rule Four: You Must Put Your Story on the Market4

Rule Five: You Must Keep it on the Market until it has Sold 5

The Adventure Begins

This is probably my last post for a week…unless I magically get computer access…anything is possible I suppose.  I am leaving tonight for a vacation.  My stomach has butterflies doing the mambo but it’s from excitement as much as nerves.

My kids are staying home for this one which makes me a big ball of worry because if something goes wrong while I’m gone I won’t be here to fix it.  I am leaving them in good hands.  I know they will be fine, but I still worry.

I get to drive for the next ten hours or so to meet my friend in Florida.  We are going to go on a two day cruise to the Bahamas. I have never been on a ship and I have never been out of the country.  I am not used to leaving my kids either.  Lots of knew things for me.  Lots of chances for new experiences.  And a brand new journal to write it all down in.