Goodbye Uncle Timmy

Uncle Timmy is gone. That is a hard thing to consider and I didn’t even know him as well as many others. Uncle Timmy was this larger than life person. This everlasting Uncle to everyone. You adopted him as soon as you met him and only realized what happened later.

Uncle Timmy was real life magic. He ran a convention where hundreds of strangers gathered to meet with like-minded individuals and left as family. He had an amazing ability to listen. If you had a question he would listen, pause for a moment and then provide an answer. He provided direction and a sense of support to even those of us who didn’t know him that well. If you were at Libertycon and ran into a problem, you could always go to Uncle Timmy. I never really had to, outside of directions, but I knew that I could if I needed to because Uncle Timmy told me so and he meant it.

Uncle Timmy you will be missed.



You’ve set sail for the Undying Lands

leaving the rest of us mortals behind

The gentle waves carry you onward

as we watch through blurring eyes

You have earned your peaceful rest

though we are left heavy hearted

Wise Uncle and keeper of magics

too soon have you departed

Such loving spark in a human soul

so caring, clever, and so kind

Too soon will it always be

to those who are left behind


Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy passed away yesterday.  The world has lost another great writer.  And yet there are still footsteps in the sand for us to follow.

For those of us who put ink on a page, the work that is left behind by the wordsmiths that shuffle off this mortal coil ahead of us should be read as sign posts.  Each book you’ve read, each story you’ve enjoyed that triggered the “wish I could write like that” twinge,  those are sign posts leading onward saying: Here lie dreams.  Follow them.  Share them.  Cause others to dream.

Or ,if you prefer, Hunt for your own Red October.