My Dad

daddyHappy Birthday today to my awesome father. The man who originally gave me the inspiration to write. Without his example, I wouldn’t have realized how amazing it is to create your own worlds and to put your thoughts down in words. I wouldn’t have known it was possible.

When I was a kid I always saw my father reading in his spare time. We had Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, Popular Mechanics, and a variety of books scattered here and there. My mother would sometimes get the chance to read, she loved it too but was often too busy with the responsibilities of tending to our family. I watched my father read and knew this was a good thing. I watched my father write and I knew that this was also a good thing. I watched Doctor Who and NOVA late into the night with him and learned about science. I watched the Dark Crystal and The Last Star Fighter and learned about dreams and fiction and possibilities.

I may have been laughed at by my peers when I answered a question in class with outlandish answers, but that was because they hadn’t been taught to look beyond the now. (I still get a bit of satisfaction from the fact that we do sometimes use robots to help clear minefields now. They laughed at me then but I was right in the end.) My dad has been one of the greatest role models of my life. I wouldn’t be who I am without him.

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you.


The day after…

It’s the day after election day here in the good ole U.S.A  and it seems as if everyone is cheering or bemoaning the next four years.  I have never been big into politics. I have my opinions just like everyone else, and I have my ideas on how I think things should go.        So it isn’t like I am unaffected by the election or anything but it seems to me this year the whining and the taunting from the different sides even after a winner has been decided is way louder than usual. Why are we jeering and taunting each other like kids on a play ground?  We are trying to run a country not play a football game.

Maybe the guy you picked gets to be the leader, maybe he doesn’t.  Does that mean we shouldn’t follow whomever is leading?  I guess what bothers me is the lack of unity that seems to be going around.  I mean we’re the United States. Lets all unite and help show support for the man carrying the collective weight of the country on his shoulders for the next four years.  If you don’t think the choices he makes are the correct ones, well then ask yourself what can you do to help make things better.

We have representatives.  It is time they stop bickering like children and all of them work together for the betterment of the country and the people.  That is the way it is supposed to work right?

Maybe I am just naive.

(I am not trying to pick a fight with anyone by the way.  If this offends please just ignore it. It is just the opinion of one person.  Every one is entitled to have their own.)