Days like this

I don’t want to write today. I’m tired. I was up at 4 A.M. giving the dog a bath. (Trust me, he needed it.) It is nice outside today temperature wise and there is a steady breeze blowing, even if the overcast sky promises rain.

I think I would rather read and ignored the rest of the world. I had to people yesterday. There were not many, but I still entertained three other adults at my house. (Okay, so one was my mom and another was my brother but they still count.) It was my son’s birthday party so there was decorating and cleaning to be done beforehand and clean up afterward.

I have yet to wake up fully today and it is almost 5 in the afternoon. Maybe I should just go take a nap. I needed to get at least a blog post done, though it was very tempting just to skip this week. You guys came very close to getting ten ways to kill or protect against Vampires, rather than this post of me whining. I’m trying to save that for the book I am working on. (Or at least October so that it can be a sort of Halloween post.)

Anyway, I showed up and put words down on the page. That is the important part. You guys keep doing what you do and I will keep plodding along too. Have a good week.


To write a book…

charlie-chaplin-392926_1280When I was in school I hated American History. I thought it was boring. I thought that since other countries had been around so much longer, they were obviously much more interesting.

Now that I am older, I am no longer so excluding. For the past few weeks I’ve been focused on the American Civil War. My attention was peaked last year when I did some family history research. It was more recently that I received a book of local ghost stories that pinged that interest again.

Then I spoke with another writer who I greatly admire. I told him that I had been thinking about writing a book that takes place during the civil war. I recounted what I had found out about my family, and he said: That sounds like a good place to start. Why don’t you?

That “Why don’t you?” Has been echoing around the empty cavern of my skull for weeks.

I tried to use the excuse, “Well, life has so many changes going on right now, with the new job and going back to school…”

My inner writer answered with, “You don’t work on the weekends and part of your degree is going to be in History anyway.”

Then the dragon of self doubt raised its head and said, “Do you really think you can find anime_dragon_1024x768-634320the time to write a book? Look how well that has worked in the past. You have three unfinished novels sitting on your computer right now. And remember that rejection letter. The one that hit the mark so well.”

The dragon almost got me. Then I remembered the rejection letter it was reminding me of was the catalyst I needed to pull up my boots and march back to school. The three unfinished novels reminded me that my current way of writing isn’t working very well and I need to try something new. (Not that those three will never be finished. Two are honestly in a rewrite stage but I changed things and got stuck in the muddle in the middle. Then proceeded to wallow in the muck.)

So now, with so many things already on my plate and with so many new challenges to face, I find myself stacking yet another task on top. I’m going to write a book. Sanderson Quote-800wi

Mondays and Missing Cats

Hello all. What is it about Monday’s? It’s like I wake up with an automatic To-Do list that somehow complied over night. Today is going to be a busy one.

I didn’t do much this weekend but sit around in comfortable clothes and watch Doctor Who. I had some sort of stomach nasty that wouldn’t let me get too far from a toilet without dire consequences. It was kind of nice to have self permission not to do anything. I could have done without the being sick part though.


Today I have to play catch up. There is housework to do, writing to get done, and a cat to find. Panda, our black and white cat, hasn’t been home in several days and I am beginning to get worried. Sometimes she will disappear for a day or two after we have done something to offend her, but this is a bit long. Usually these absences will follow a few days of breakfast being served late or us not letting her outside when she wants. She is the queen of the household and knows it.panda

I’m not only worried about Panda but my daughter as well. Technically she is my daughter’s cat. We brought her home from the animal shelter as a kitten, shortly after we moved into our house.

At thirteen, my daughter is all moody teenage girl. Her cat is the one she talks to when things get to be too much, because obviously mom can’t understand. (I was a teenager once too and did the same thing, so I know how this works. Cats can be wonderful confidants and they have the added bonus of being fluffy.)10502233_10201355538529691_2457240744323550533_n

To complicate things, not only does she have the usual teen stuff to deal with, but her father just moved across the country. She has always been a Daddy’s girl. She has always known if she needed him, he was right there and I would take her to see him. Now that is a bit more difficult since he is a couple of thousand miles away. They still skype and stuff but it isn’t the same.  And now her cat is missing.

My daughter does talk to me. It’s not like we have no communication, but talking to her Daddy and talking to her cat is different from talking to mom. Kids have a lot to deal with. So do parents for that matter.

I had more to say but my kids are awake now and I have lost my train of thought. I have to go make breakfast and get my son started on his homeschooling. He is full of energy this morning and is irritating his sister. She is in a good mood and is irritating him back so my house is very loud right now.

I’ll return with cat updates as I have them.

Walk or Run?

This guy has a big heart. Who wants to join him? $40- $50 Dollars and you can join in no matter where you are. You get a t-shirt and a medal for your participation.  You don’t even have to go outside, you can walk up and down your hallway or trot laps around the kitchen table if that is what you want to do. He is trying to get people from all over the world to connect in something that benefits others and isn’t too bad for yourself either.

Now I know some people have to work this Saturday or have other obligations, but you have up to a month if you join the virtual run to complete the 5K. It is all done on the honor system. Asthmatic that I am, I once walk a 3K at midnight in the cold. I hate cold.

Okay, to be honest,  I only walked three quarters of a 3K.  Then I hitched a ride with the event orginizers back to the finish line just so I could beat my marathon running friend and her siblings. You should have seen the look on her face. It was great. 😀

I also did this walking contest at work once for a gift card. I will do a lot when offer me money for books. It helped that I walk a lot at work and that counted as long as I kept track, so I wasn’t really doing much more than I normally did.

Anyway, the point is, even lazy me can walk a 5K in a month. I haven’t signed up yet but if I can get my 12 year old to agree, I am going to sign both of us up. (I just have to wait until she wakes up.) Even if I am unable to join the marathon, I will at least donate a few dollars to help the cause. (My son currently has the flu and I may not be able to get out of the house when I want to.)

So come one guys, who wants to walk a marathon with Sean Astin?sean astin 2015 raeligh

Thursday Is Not Monday, but here is a post

whats-your-storyIt is currently 6 a.m. on a November Thursday morning. I missed Monday’s post again. It is getting more and more difficult to post on my work week.

I may have to go down to two posts a month rather than one every week. That is something I will have to consider later. Right now it is November so that means it is Nation Novel Writing Month.

Truthfully, I did not plan on participating this year. I have so much going on I did not intend to add one more thing. That was before vampire slaying hobos happened though. (Long story.)

So now a friend of mine and I are writing novels about the same characters hoping that by the end of the month, between the two of us, we will have an actual readable book or at least a few short stories. We only have working titles right now but look for our finished project sometime in January.

Right now I have some writing to get done. Since both kids are home sick I need to get to it while they are still asleep. Have a great day everybody and happy writing!


There are days when I wake up, get out of bed, and leave my brain laying on the pillow.  I stumble to the bathroom and then to the kitchen, following the siren song of coffee like a zombie after living flesh.  Once my cup is full of warm caffeine I shuffle off to sit at my computer.

It’s routine.  I can do it without my brain. The movements are automatic. Which is good because otherwise I would never get any writing done.  Eventually my brain wakes up and joins me…or not.  Sometimes the lazy glob of cells and electrical impulses calls out on me and refuses to work.  The writing still gets done some how. It’s not always good writing, but one word does get put down after the other.

Writing this post right now is kind of my version of poking my brain with a stick, trying to wake it up.  So far I’ve got a few mumbled “go aways” and a yawn.

Lost words

victorian_lady_having_teaWhile enjoying a morning cup of tea, I flipped through T.V. channels and stumbled upon an interview with a couple of biographers.  These authors spoke at length about the wealth of knowledge they gained from letters.  They said you really got a feel for the personality of the people they wrote books about from their correspondence.  You were able to see the many facets of their personality from the way the wrote to their wives verses the way they wrote to their friends.

Then these authors lamented the fact that writing handwritten letters has become a lost art.  They mentioned that they were uncertain how biographers would gather their information in the future.  We currently communicate through email, texts, tweets, and facebook posts.  It is a rare thing that we even pick up a phone and actually talk to someone rather than just send a short message.

300px-EscribanoI have a cousin who graduated high school with honors, yet cannot read cursive handwriting because the schools he went to decided it was obsolete and therefore did not teach it to their students.  His father would send him letters but had to write them all in print so he could read them without assistance.

This year I received many holiday wishes and greetings through electronic media.  But I received only three actual Christmas cards.  One was from my mother.  One was from the agent who sold me my house a couple of years ago.  The last was hand delivered by my son, who drew it on notebook paper with colored pencils.  The two mailed cards hang on my wall near the Christmas tree.  My son’s card sits next to my alarm clock so it is one of the first things I see in the morning.

100_9068The two biographers mentioned that future generations would probably sort through emails to gather the information for their books.  I think that blogs would also be a decent source, depending on the blog.  My intent with this post is not to put down the many ways we have to communicate.  I have friends all over the country.  Some I would never get to speak with if it were not for text messages and facebook.

However, I would like to encourage those who read this to think about picking up a pen 1when you get a chance and leave words someone can hold in their hand.