Writing, Reading, and Procrastination

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Currently, I am coming to the end of chapter two in a book I am writing. At least I think it will be a book. (I have been mistaken before.)  I would be much further along if it wasn’t for Mercedes Lackey.

For Christmas, I received an eagerly anticipated trilogy of books. I knew I would get them. I had asked for them specifically when people inquired what I wanted for Christmas. Mercedes Lackey has been one of my favorite writers for a long time. I picked up one of her Valdemar books at a thrift store when I was too young to appreciate it and hated the book.

Then I discovered the Bedlam Bard books and fell in love. They were rare treasures I mandolin-3017726_1280.pngwould search shelves for. That was how I discovered the Serrated Edge series. I loved those too but I hated them as well. Those books turned a flashlight on the dark corners of humanity. They absorbed you as you read them, immersing you in the story until you felt all of the horror and pain but also the hope. It was wonderful and awful at the same time. I read some of them over and over.

horse-175188_1920Years after my first introduction to Valdemar my sister started telling about this book she was reading. It sounded awesome. It had magic, adventure, and was written by one of my favorite authors. Then I found it out it was a Valdemar book. By then I knew Valdemar had quite a large fan base but I don’t like jumping on bandwagons. I honestly thought the Bedlam Bard series was better and that people were fans of the wrong series, even though I had never really given the Valdemar books a chance.

My sister can be quietly demanding when she wants to be. She gives you unspoken orders and you hop to, only later realizing what happened. I don’t think she even realizes that she does it. Which was how I was presented with a stack of Valdemar books from her collection and told to familiarize myself with this world she was always talking about. I devoured them all and came back for more. The storytelling was great. Later as I learned to read as a writer, I picked out a couple of things I thought could have been done differently and made a few of the books better. (In my opinion of course.) I was fool enough to mention these thoughts out loud.

Learn from my mistakes. If you are discussing books with someone who showers a story martial-arts-291049_1280.jpgworld with complete adoration, never ever ever suggest that there is something wrote with it. Ever. Not even if it is just saying that the ending felt a little rushed and you wonder if the author had to hurry through it to make a deadline. Don’t do it. You will regret it. (Unless of course, you are trying to start a fight or have odd compulsion to have the skin ripped from your body with words. If that is your goal then insulting a favored author or book series is an easy way to accomplish it. Even if the slight is only perceived, it will do the job.)

library-425730_1920So after eight books or so I wandered away from Valdemar and on to something else. Then this Winter I was poking around on Amazon, looking for gifts for others when I stumbled across something called “The Herald Spy Trilogy”. I am a sucker for rogues and I enjoy Lackey’s writing so I asked for them for Christmas. I received them, eagerly sat down to read after the holiday craziness was complete, and discovered I had no idea what was going on. References were made to characters I had never heard of. Confused I contacted my local Valdemar informant, A.K.A my sister. She did some google-fu and produced a list of books that come before the trilogy I wanted to read. And to her surprise, she only owned three of the five and they were in storage. (Another long story.)

So I set out to acquire the five books that came before the trilogy I got for Christmas. Then I had to wait for them to be shipped because I bought them online. In the meantime, I got an idea for a book of my own after speaking to a friend and started writing. I managed to get a chapter and a half in when my books acquisitions arrived. I ignored them for a few days but then the person who got me the trilogy started asking questions about if I had read them yet and if I liked them. So feeling guilty for ignoring my gift, I started on the Collegium Chronicles and am now on the fourth book. However, I have only written a couple of paragraphs over the past few days since reading has taken over my writing time.coffee-690421_1920

My writing is suffering from my lack of focus, concentration, and sleep. If Mercedes Lackey wasn’t such a hell of a storyteller I wouldn’t have this problem. The compulsion I feel to read and purchase these books because I enjoy them so much is fascinating. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could be like that one day?

(By the way, during the writing of this blog post I stumbled upon another book in one of Lackey’s series that I haven’t read and ended up buying it too.)





Ugh morning again…I think I am going to give them up. Lately I seem to feel worse in the morning than when I went to bed.  Maybe it’s age. Or this stupid head cold that will not go away.

Maybe I should just give up sleep, since whatever makes me feel worse seems to sneak up on me during those few hours of unconsciousness.

Oh wait, today is Wednesday, Oct. 31.  That means I get to take the kids trick or treating, go to work for about eleven hours, come home and start writing for NaNoWriMo.  So I’ve already sworn off sleep…and sanity apparently.  *yawn*  Maybe things will look better after coffee. Lots of coffee.

Day 2 and early morning words

So I am up ungodly early in the morning typing away.  I went to bed several times last night but  I kept waking up after just a few hours.  The fact that everyone else in our room was still up probably didn’t help. I am not upset or anything.  We’re at a Con. Sleep is fictional. Even more so if your crazy enough to insist on getting some writing done before the rest of the actual day begins.  Fortunately, there is internet access and a coffee shop in the lobby.

There are several drawing panels I am going to try to make it to today.  While drawing isn’t really something I have a lot of talent in, I still like to do it from time to time and any tips to help me do it better are good.  There a couple of history panels I am going to try to hit too.  One is world history (via Hetalia which is an interesting little anime but often makes my brain hurt) and the other is the history of sweets (as in candy).   If you haven’t guessed, I like to learn things.  Even random things.  Especially random things. You never know when they may be useful.

Case in point: last night I explained to my Con roommates how lithium batteries work.  I only knew because I watch a random science thing on tv at 2am on Weds.  My friends are used to my random facts by now. ( One is a fellow writer and the others suffer us patiently.)


Writing to do

I feel like someone twisted me into a pretzel last night while I slept.  The sun is up and shining but my office front porch is wet from the rain that hammered the roof last night. When I stepped outside the first sight that graced my eyes was a dog in the neighbor’s yard doing his business.

If that’s not a sign to go back to bed…

However, I have writing to. I’ve set the kettle on for tea, but it is taking an unusually long time to heat.  I still want to go back to bed.  Instead I will go get a towel, dry off my chair and set up my computer.  By then the water will be hot and I can have my tea and life will start to look better.  I hope.

It really doesn’t matter though, if it does or not, because I have writing to do.  Each word counts. Each word is progress.  Ten words or ten pages all amounts to the same step in the right direction.  The step may be smaller today and harder to take than it was yesterday but I will make it anyway.  I have writing to do.