Meeting Molly

Last week I wrote about the loss of my cat Max. I still miss him. This week I want to write about someone else.molly 3

This is Molly.

She is two and a half years old German Sheperd/Husky mix and, until recently, belonged to an 85-year-old woman in Georgia. Molly spent her days loved but on a chain in the backyard. Then her owner got sick and couldn’t take care of her anymore. Her owner’s son tried for a bit but he had health problems too. Soon Miss Molly was at the animal shelter and slated to be put to sleep.

Both her owner and her son were heartbroken. Molly was such a sweet girl and deserved better. So they reached out to friends and family on facebook, begging someone to adopt her before it was too late. Time was running out.

Then a distant cousin reposted their desperate plea. (Try to follow me on this connection, I know I should have created a flow chart but I didn’t think about it until now.) This distant cousin was my cousin’s best friend growing up. My cousin passed away at least 18 years ago. (We were very close but she had CF and was limited in what she could do. I grew up with asthma and so we bonded over our closeness in age and inability to breath.)

So here it is, a very long time since I have set eyes on this person, and I see a facebook post about this adorable dog about to be put to sleep just because she doesn’t have anyone to take care of her. I would have happily continued to care for my Max, but there was only pain waiting for him and eventually death. His was a hopeless situation. Molly’s was not.

I have never really been a dog person. We have Duke but he hardly qualifies because he


is so small. (But don’t tell him I said that.) However, my heartstrings were plucked as I looked at the post. I wasn’t ready for another cat, but maybe I could take in this dog who needed someone. We could sort of help each other.

I messaged my cousin’s friend, who messaged her cousin, and the race was on. We had to get her before the execution could be carried out. Sabrina’s (my cousin’s friend) cousin got her from the pound that night. Sabrina and her son drove down the next day. (My kid had a doctor’s appointment so we couldn’t go pick her up directly.) Then they brought her straight to my house.

At first, Molly was nervous and shy, though she quickly adapted. We’ve learned a lot about each other in the week or so that she has been here. She has learned that if I am writing at my computer and she lays directly behind the chair, I have to give her tummy rubs before I can get up. I have learned she has a mischievous personality and knows exactly how cute she is, and uses it to her advantage when she gets in trouble or doesn’t want to go outside.  Molly is very sweet and loves attention. I am still not sure that I am a dog person, but I do know that I am this dog’s person.

molly 4


Cutting Back On Distractions

pocket watchThis is the beginning of a brand new week. It is roughly two weeks until Libertycon, I have my new short story out, several more in the works, and a lot of work ahead for all the hats I wear.

As a mom I will be venturing into the waters of homeschooling my rising 5th grader. As a writer I need to focus on getting more of my stuff finished, polished, and out there. As an employee I need to find away to balance all the work we have to do at night and my sanity. As a gardener I need to learn the difference between a garden and a jungle.

(That last one is for real. I just planted a simple, small square of ground. I didn’t even expect it to grow. I kind of just tossed seeds in the ground, covered them up, watered them, and left it alone. On occasion I water the plants some more. Then I leave for one weekend and when I come back pumpkin vines with leaves the size of elephant ears have started creep over the back yard.)

The point is since I have the same 24 hours as everyone else, and no one seems to be stickfigureselling extra sand for the hour glass. I need to cut back on some things so I can concentrate more on others. Finding these “things” is easy enough. I am a known procrastinator. Facebook and “checking email” are probably the main two ways I waste time on the computer, so I will start cutting back there. I will still visit facebook, twitter, and my inbox but I will be cutting down the amount of time I spend snared in the web.

I only post here once a week usually, so there won’t be any changes here. Maybe I will even be more on time with those Monday posts. Wish me luck. 🙂

Another Hero Gone

Yesterday on Facebook, I saw that a friend posted about the death of Sir Terry Pratchett. I was on my phone waiting in line for school to let out so I didn’t investigate. I simply posted a question back and then made a mental note to look it up later, because surely it was some kind of mistake.

There are websites out there who go around posting fake celebrity deaths, so I thought she must have fallen for one of those.  We just lost Leonard Nimoy, surely Death wouldn’t take Sir Terry from us on the heels of losing Spock.  It turns out I was wrong.

This morning I found that mental note, among the rest of the detritus in my head, and investigated. We did indeed lose Sir Terry Pratchett and another piece of my heart has traveled to the other side with him.

I never met Sir Terry, but I read his books. I loved them. I still do.

If someone came to me with a magic pen and said: “This will let you write in your own voice but with the genius of another writer, but you can only pick one…”   I wouldn’t have used the pen because there is always a catch with those things; but if I had been foolish enough to give it a go, Sir Terry would have been the writer I picked.  His talent is something I will always look up to.

Another one of my heroes has passed and left me with only memories. Funny how that works. Robin Williams, Leonard Nimoy, Sir Terry Pratchett…I never met any of them but some how my world has been brighter with an extra dose of hope and magic in it because they lived.terrypratchett1


smartcat_f429-4030I can be serious. Really. But I try not to be unless the situation calls for it.  My facebook page doesn’t tend to be one of those places.

You see, I am surround by serious matters all day every day. (And sometimes even in my sleep.)   I mean, I was watching the evening local news yesterday and they were talking about this guy the police finally  caught, who had a long laundry list of charges.  Attempted murder was among the list.  I recognized the guy because he had been in my store just a few days early, wandering around before buy something and then leaving.  He had given me the creeps and I had kept my eye on him just in case I needed to call the police.  I had no idea they were searching for him.  (We get all types on the graveyard shift.)

I walked a nurse out to her car two days ago because there was this guy hanging around the parking lot who had asked her for money.  He gave her the creeps and she asked if we would watch to make sure she got in her car safe. (He had moved on to the pharmacy across the street so it was okay.)   (Also I find this situation slightly amusing because I am not the most intimating person.  However, safety in numbers and all that….and I do have the police on speed dial.)

My house payment has gone up and my pay check gone down.  That is serious.  The guy that was arrested and had possibly been casing our store, that was serious.  The sick and injured people that come into my work place after leaving the hospital and are in pain or confused.  They are my serious concerns.  Getting my kids to school on time, making sure they bathe and eat, keeping them safe…these are the serious things that are always on my mind.

The stuff I post on facebook, that I didn’t actually write but shared from someone else?  Not so much.  I have a very dear friend who is so incredibly smart it’s scary. I mean, I am fairly intelligent but my level of intellect doesn’t even reach this persons shoes.  She is an amazing person and I may even idolize her some.  (I’ve know her for nearly eight years, so the shiny has had time to wear off, but nope she is still awesome.)   Her main flaw (to me) is that she doesn’t normally read fiction.  I think this limits her imagination some. (and has probably saved the world from being taken over.  If this woman read comic books….well we would be living in interesting times. 😀 )

Anyway, the main inspiration behind this post is that this highly intelligent lovely woman catnapis often frustrated by my facebook posts.  She wants to know where I find my nonsense.   (Heck, it’s the internet!  I don’t have to look far! lol)   My answer is that the world is too serious as it is.  Approach important things in a serious manner, and lighten up.  It’s okay to find amusement in serious matters as long as you realize that the matters are important.

Past, Present and Future walked into a bar.  It was tense.      :p

Content and Lazy

Garfield-Speaks-the-Truth-imagination-9595471-800-600I had a pretty good writing day yesterday.  I wrote for two hours in the morning and got a decent amount done.  Then I hurt my knee while making breakfast (don’t ask, I excel at random injuries) and spent most of the rest of the day gazing longingly out the window at the sunshine and watching Castle re-runs.   Today my knee feels better and I hope to eventually get outside for a little while.

I haven’t written yet today. (Yes I know. I am a bad author. But I am writing here so that counts right? No?  Oh well.)  I have instead been playing on facebook and reading random spacearticles on gun control, Jupiter, and publishing.  (I won’t go into my views on gun laws but I will say that if anyone wants to see Jupiter tonight is a good night.)

I will get around to writing today but right now I am just enjoying being lazy for a little while.