Cutting Back On Distractions

pocket watchThis is the beginning of a brand new week. It is roughly two weeks until Libertycon, I have my new short story out, several more in the works, and a lot of work ahead for all the hats I wear.

As a mom I will be venturing into the waters of homeschooling my rising 5th grader. As a writer I need to focus on getting more of my stuff finished, polished, and out there. As an employee I need to find away to balance all the work we have to do at night and my sanity. As a gardener I need to learn the difference between a garden and a jungle.

(That last one is for real. I just planted a simple, small square of ground. I didn’t even expect it to grow. I kind of just tossed seeds in the ground, covered them up, watered them, and left it alone. On occasion I water the plants some more. Then I leave for one weekend and when I come back pumpkin vines with leaves the size of elephant ears have started creep over the back yard.)

The point is since I have the same 24 hours as everyone else, and no one seems to be stickfigureselling extra sand for the hour glass. I need to cut back on some things so I can concentrate more on others. Finding these “things” is easy enough. I am a known procrastinator. Facebook and “checking email” are probably the main two ways I waste time on the computer, so I will start cutting back there. I will still visit facebook, twitter, and my inbox but I will be cutting down the amount of time I spend snared in the web.

I only post here once a week usually, so there won’t be any changes here. Maybe I will even be more on time with those Monday posts. Wish me luck. 🙂


With great access comes great responsibility

My internet decided to cut out on me today  while I was online.  My first emotion was confusion, followed quickly by panic.  I realize internet access isn’t exactly necessary for my continued existence but I like having the ability to converse with three people at once without being in a crowded room.  I like having articles and information at my finger tips. I like knowing that my random questions can be answered in just a few clicks of a button.

Sure I frequent the library.  I read paper books. I have the ability to look things up the old fashioned way but I like the convenience and the entertainment provided by internet access.  Maybe I am addicted. I don’t think so though, because I do go several days at a time not even thinking about clicking the firefox icon.  (Those are the days my email piles up and I have to go through and delete 25 national geographic offers and dozens of sale flyers from all those places with loyalty cards and my email address.)

Having so much information and communicative power at your finger tips could go to a persons head.  That is why we must be sure to use it wisely.

Submissions and rejections

So I have a problem.  I never think any of my stuff is good enough to send out.  I know some of it is fairly decent but it never seems quite good enough.

It isn’t a fear of rejection. I am actually one of those people who gets insanely excited over rejection letters.  Partly because it takes me so long to work up the courage to send something out and partly because I think it is great that someone actually looked at something I wrote, even if they don’t like it.

If the editor commented on it that’s even better!  I carry the letter around and show it to friends, who look at me funny.  They don’t get it, but that’s okay too.

However, this week I sent off two poems.  Today I got an emailed response to let me know they received it.  It wasn’t exactly as exciting as a rejection letter but it still felt pretty good.