Stars and Cats

Good Morning Everyone.

I had my alarm set for 4am this morning. The plan was to get up an hour early and get some writing work done before I had to start the get-the-kids-ready-for-school-Samba. I only pushed the snooze button three times. Then Panda came into my room, sat on my chest and proceeded to give me sandpaper purring kitty kisses until I got up to feed her.


She was being sweet this morning. Usually she sits on the night stand and knocks everything off, one item at a time, until I get up. It goes something like: swipe, thump. Book falls in floor and Panda glances over for a reaction from the human. Swipe, thump. Second book and a hair tie meet the ground. Still no reaction from the human feeding unit. Swipe, rattle-rattle, glasses get close to the edge and the human jumps up…

 Anyway, I got up early to write and feed the cats. So, after feeding the cats, I sat down at my computer with a cup of coffee and stared at the screen for awhile. My eyes roamed over the bookmarks toolbar at the top of my screen, looking for inspiration, and found a link to something about the Night Sky.  I remembered there was supposed to be a meteor shower this month. I couldn’t remember the dates but since I had time and it was still dark, I decided to go spend some quality time star gazing.

The thing is I live in a suburb. When I was a kid and lived in the country the sky stretched spaceout in every direction, a dark cloak scattered with fiery diamonds and imagination. Now, once I turned off all the lights in the house, there is like a scrap of real night above my house that fades at the edges as the light pollution from other houses and street lights reach out to blur the beauty. If the night sky of my childhood was a diamond studded cloak, then the one I have now is a stained version in a second hand shop made with cheep rhinestones that have mostly fallen off.

Still, I laid down on the back porch and gazed up at what I could see. I opened all of my senses and took in the smell of recently cut grass and the sound of a train whistle. I felt the chill from the boards under my back seeping past my shirt and I watched my small window patch of sky. I felt recharged and more awake than the coffee could account for. Then my neighbor’s air conditioning unit kicked on at the same time one of the cats stuck his nose in my ear and I managed to levitate off of the porch.

I had left the back door cracked open so that if the kids woke up I would hear them. The cats had apparently saw that as an invitation to follow me.  Even the blind one, Max. I had three furry faces gathered around me on the porch, trying to figure out just what I thought I was doing. Laughing at myself, I gathered up Max and went back inside. I sat back down on the computer and I wrote.  Good Morning…


4 A.M.

Little-dreamer-daydreaming-30420185-500-375My mind takes odd turns after two a.m.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know what is special about those predawn hours where the new day hasn’t really taken its first breath yet and the night is still gasping along like a runner in a marathon.  Maybe it’s the quiet of a darkened house, knowing that others slumber while I sit here awake.

I’ve read blogs, caught up on things I wasn’t able to do during the daylight hours, and jotted down notes for future projects.  Right now I feel as if I am supposed to be writing something. It’s right there on the tip of my brain and my muse is looking at me expectantly waiting for me to notice what she has given me.  Yet the epiphany hasn’t come.  Maybe it isn’t done forming yet.

There is also a tiny bit of fear that I won’t recognize whatever it is and it will die stillborn and all the promises it could fulfill with it.  Thoughts sift so slowly through my mind and I watch them like a slow moving stream.  Then before I know it they’re gone, swept away by a gentle current. I am mesmerized or I could catch them as they drift past.DREAMER-oscar-wilde-32227000-2048-1360

I am probably not making a lot of sense right now, but as I said…my mind takes odd turns sometimes…


Old Habits

Victory-TeaThis morning I am tucked away in the corner of a cafe that I used to write in all the time.  I haven’t been here in awhile.  I stopped coming because it was often busy and a little too noisy for my concentration.   Right now it isn’t so bad.  Either the cold wet weather with the promise of snow has kept people away or I have managed to get here early enough to beat the rush.  However, they have also added a “drive thru” since the last time I frequented the place and maybe that has cut down on the crowds.

I am here hoping that different scenery (and tea or coffee that I don’t have to fix myself) tea not warwill help me have a productive writing day. I feel rather sluggish this morning and I have a bit of catching up to do.  I also recently added even more to my plate by offering to work on another project with a friend. (It’s going to take a lot of research.) This particular cafe is one of the few that are open this early.  I could go to Starbucks or something but not if I expect to avoid big crowds.

This place holds good memories.  I often would meet friends here for early morning coffee and conversation.  Back in college, another friend of mine and I would be late to Biology on a regular basis, because we would stop in for a quick cup of hot cocoa in the winter.  Right now those friend are either tucked in their beds, preparing for work, or across the ocean from me.

I don’t think I will fall back into the habit of coming here on a regular basis but everyone once and a while might be nice.teaparty