Happy Thanksgiving

I am listing to pleasant instrumental music as I sit here. The turkey is in the oven and the pumpkin pie is cooling. In another couple of hours, I will sit down with my children at the table and enjoy the feast.


My brother should be at my mom’s soon with my sister-in-law and his friend Bud in tow. I love whenever he brings Bud over. Bud is an elderly gentleman in his 90’s. He fought in WWII and often shares his memories of that time as well as how things were when he was growing up. This first-hand look at the past through the eyes of someone who has lived it is always a blessing.

Normally I would have baked a couple of pies and headed over to my mom’s by now too. However, my mother reminded me that kids grow fast. She said that sometimes it is important to slow down and savor these holiday moments while I have them. I am of course welcome to join her, my dad, and the rest. I may even stop by later just to visit but I am also taking her advice.

Often we get caught up in obligation and rushing from one place to the next that we don’t get to enjoy the holiday. We get wound up and stressed out from travel logistics and traffic. This is a time for reflection. It is a time to count your blessings. Yes, it is a time for families to come together as well but love doesn’t care about miles. It is there between people if they live in the same house or in another state. Love stretches great distances.

My love for my family is always there. So while I might not be part of the busy bustle at my mom’s table in person, my heart is there with everyone and it is also here at my home with my children. That’s another thing about love, it can be in multiple places at once. It’s not limited to Thanksgiving dinner.  And that is something to be thankful for.



Back Again

Well I had a successful adventure and have returned home none the worse for wear….well a little sunburned but that was from the car drive home so I don’t really count it.   I had grand visions of frantically scribbling down notes during my trip in a journal.  It didn’t happen.  I did have a wonderful time though.

Right now images from my trip are crowded together in my head and I am not sure which to examine in word form first.  I had a lovely visit with my cousin, stayed awake for about twenty seven hours, went to Medieval Times, finally slept, ate breakfast twice the next day before heading off to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, had an amazing lunch at the three broomsticks, followed by a horrible dinner at our hotel, jumped on a ship and left the country…..there is just too much and truly I am to tired to pick just one piece of my “vacation” to write about at the moment.   There will be a long post later, probably filled with dozens of minor things no one but me cares about. 🙂