A bad book

I was reading a book review/rant over on Shiny Book Review. While the author in me cringes a tiny tiny bit in pity, the reader in me is jumping up in the pews yelling “Preach Brother, Preach!

We have all come across bad writing at some point. I have waded through my share of what I consider bad books. Those books where you just keep wading through with the smallest shreds of hope that it will get better. That bit of prose you just keep reading because you have already wasted so much time that you might as well finish it and maybe find the diamond in among the coal.

Well, apparently Jason Cordova was sent one of those books and the deep frustration he felt is admirably shared through his vivid use of language. I have never come across this particular book. So I can’t make a call on how bad it really is. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed Jason’s reaction to it though. 🙂   http://shinybookreview.com/2014/10/28/empress-theresa-norman-boutins-masterpiece-titles-now-laden-with-heavy-sarcasm/

(Wait….did I just review a book review?)