Good Review Monday

Open book magic on blackI thought a lot this weekend. My throat was sore and I had two sick kids to take care of so there really wasn’t much time for writing. I did manage to do a little but not as much as I would have liked.

I read a few writing articles and blog posts, played too much candy crush, and watched way too many cartoons. The couch became our sickly nesting ground. Even the cats joined the pile of blankets and tissues.

This post comes from those hours of sitting there with kids and cats piled on me. I couldn’t move much so it left time to think. The articles I read were about book reviewers and how there are some people out there that write bad reviews on purpose, sometimes without even reading the book. That didn’t really come as a surprise but some of the lengths gone to did surprise me. I’m not talking just one bad review here, I am talking completely trampling the author through the mud.

I really don’t understand it. I mean if you read something and it is completely awful, you should be able to express your views. However, never reading more than the blurb or the sample on Amazon and then going to every site you can to trash the book…why? Just to hurt a random person you’ve never met? Isn’t there a better way to spend your time?

*sigh* Seeing what I see on the news and at night at work, I guess humanity should surprise me anymore. I guess I’m just naive. I don’t leave many bad reviews. If I like a book I am usually more enthusiastic than if I don’t. I am also lazy.

Reviews are important to authors. They are each particular book-baby’s life line. If there are a lot of good reviews more people will read the book. If there are a lot of bad reviews then only the morbidly curious will touch it.

I would like to encourage everyone reading this post to take just five minutes and go over to goodreadsamazon, or wherever you prefer. Find a book that you have read and enjoyed and leave a review. I don’t care what the book is, it could be an edition of Alice in Wonderland that you particularly liked. Go leave a few kind words.

Feel free to leave me a link in the comments too. I am always looking for new things to read. 🙂


A bad book

I was reading a book review/rant over on Shiny Book Review. While the author in me cringes a tiny tiny bit in pity, the reader in me is jumping up in the pews yelling “Preach Brother, Preach!

We have all come across bad writing at some point. I have waded through my share of what I consider bad books. Those books where you just keep wading through with the smallest shreds of hope that it will get better. That bit of prose you just keep reading because you have already wasted so much time that you might as well finish it and maybe find the diamond in among the coal.

Well, apparently Jason Cordova was sent one of those books and the deep frustration he felt is admirably shared through his vivid use of language. I have never come across this particular book. So I can’t make a call on how bad it really is. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed Jason’s reaction to it though. 🙂

(Wait….did I just review a book review?)