Coffee, confections, and crazy life

teaspoon-554065_1920Life has been crazy lately. (When is it not?) Last week was spent making phone calls and attending meetings at the school for my autistic son. Today my dad and I get to make a 6hr (round trip) road trip to see a cancer specialist. It is a pre-op for the operation he is having in a couple of weeks.

I’ve also been working at a local chain coffee shop in order to pay the bills. I’m still looking for something that pays more and doesn’t make me want to stab some of my co-workers with a spoon. (We have metal spoons with really long handles. It would do damage.)

I have also registered to be a substitute teacher. It doesn’t pay much either but at least spoons are harder to come by and I would be in charge. After spending a decade being a manager it is hard for me not to jump in when I see things falling apart. My co-workers are all fairly young too. That isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that they are still at the beginning of their stories. This job is the start for them while I am somewhere in the middle of my story wondering how I got lost in the swamp.

I’ve also been pondering if coffee lung is a thing. People get black lung from working in coal mines. I come home reeking of coffee and confections. It feels like a film covering my skin. Even a shower doesn’t completely get rid of it. It’s like it oozes from my pores.

Well, it is time to pick some music and get my road trip started. Wish me luck.


Published by: thecoffeefox

Once upon a time there was a woman who was a writer. She was either cursed or blessed from birth to be so and there was much debate on which it was. One day a very discouraging (and not very original) person told her not to give up her day job. The woman smiled and said that was a wonderful idea. Following the unwittingly clever advice of her critic, the woman found a job working nights, which left her days free to write. Even better, the night job had an unusual schedule which packed two weeks worth of work into one, so the writer was able to have every other week off to sit on her front porch, daydream, and of course write. However, working at night and writing during the day left little time for sleep, so the poor writer occasionally went a little mad, but she decided it was an acceptable price to pay to be able to continue following her curse-blessing. Also she likes tea. :)

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