Forever home


To start this story I’ll add some background information about the children .
Courtney is six (6) years old and undergoes trauma therapy.  She is still adujsting to having a bed, clothing, a steady supply of food, electricity and water.  It took me a year to get her to sleep in a bed due to her former lifestyle and just as long for her to understand that the electricity in our home wasn’t going to be randomly turned off…  her stuff wasn’t going to be sold and that she didn’t have to worry if she was going to get to eat that day, or any other day for that matter.  Courtney needed glasses and she now has them.  Christopher just turned three (3) and has undergone three surgeries, will possibly have another in October this year.  He attends physical therapy weekly for what the doctors call Tibial Torsion.  He wears leg braces to help him stand and walk.  If this does not self correct by age of five(5) the doctors will have to break his legs, place pins in his bones and cast his legs for a time….”  

Read the full story on the gofundme page here.

I have personally met these kids and I am friends with their grandparents. If you can contribute and feel like doing so that’s awesome. If you can’t, that’s fine too. Spread the word or just add them to your good thoughts. These kids are in a place where they can be given the love they need to bloom. I have seen it. Lets help them stay there.



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