Star Wars: A Non-Spoiler Post

My family went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this weekend. I can easily say a good time was had. My daughter is in that awkward teenaged mode where she is too cool for everything, so she was just like: “That was a good movie.”

My son on the other hand is 11 and he left the theater exclaiming that it was:”The best movie ever!” He also wants to build his own droid and cobble together a soap box racer/x-wing.

(I worry about this because my dad and brother are small engine mechanics and my cousin is our family mad scientist. My dad and my cousin live next door to each other. I bet it would take little prodding for my son to convince them to help him build something that makes me envision broken bones.)

We bought him a Star Wars hoodie from the stand in the theater lobby. He put it on immediately after purchase and didn’t take off even when he went to bed. My brother also bought a hoodie. I haven’t checked with his wife to see if he wore his to bed, but he was adamant with her about not sharing. Sarah, my loving sister-in-law, just rolled her eyes and smiled.

It was thrilling for me to see my child’s eyes light up with joy at something that was such a big part of my own childhood. I watched episodes IV, V, and VI so much growing up, I still know all the words. When they were re-released my friends and I were standing in line, in costume. This weekend my daughter and I continued the costume tradition though we bought our tickets in advance. (She may be too cool to react outwardly to the movie, but she doesn’t pass up an opportunity to wear a costume.)

I think I would like to see it again with my mom and dad. I know they would enjoy it. My dad watched episode IV fourteen times when it originally came out in theaters.

I know there is a lot of hype about the fact that Disney owns the franchise now. Honestly, I am more concerned with the quality of the movie rather than who produces it. If it is bad, it is bad regardless of who paid the money to have it made. The reverse is also true.

Watching The Force Awakens with adult consumer eyes, I can see where certain things are going to be big marketing pushes. However, it was done well enough that it didn’t distract from the enjoyment of the film. I left the theater this weekend with a satisfied feeling and echoes of my youth flitting through my mind.

I look forward to the next one.


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Once upon a time there was a woman who was a writer. She was either cursed or blessed from birth to be so and there was much debate on which it was. One day a very discouraging (and not very original) person told her not to give up her day job. The woman smiled and said that was a wonderful idea. Following the unwittingly clever advice of her critic, the woman found a job working nights, which left her days free to write. Even better, the night job had an unusual schedule which packed two weeks worth of work into one, so the writer was able to have every other week off to sit on her front porch, daydream, and of course write. However, working at night and writing during the day left little time for sleep, so the poor writer occasionally went a little mad, but she decided it was an acceptable price to pay to be able to continue following her curse-blessing. Also she likes tea. :)

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