paper-933661_640A few minutes ago I was standing at the kitchen table re-wrapping Christmas presents for my ex-husband and his wife. I needed to mail them out and the original wrapping job wasn’t going to fit in the box. In the background my mom was watching the world news.

I wasn’t really paying attention until she started complaining about how many shots were fired during something. I still don’t know what happened, but I do know that was the moment I started to hear the words echoing from my television rather than just enjoying it as background buzz.

I was wrapping Christmas presents while the world was falling apart. There were shootings, bombings, deaths, and babies being born addicted to drugs. My hands paused on the brightly colored paper. I didn’t reach for the tape. I just listened and it saddened my heart. It hurt.

There is so much pain in the world. I stood still thinking about how I would heal it if I could. But what could I do? One single mom on the edge of welfare. The world is so big and there is so much hurt, what could my two hands do to help?

That was when I realized that I was already doing it. I was wrapping presents to my Ex and his wife. I was planning on taking some of money I try to stretch like elastic, and mail their presents across the country to where they now live.

With brightly colored paper and clear tape I was wishing them joy. I was wishing them happiness. Even as I wrapped their gifts I was hoping that they were things they would enjoy.a toast

They don’t even live in the same state as me any more. It would be too easy to just not worry about it. To say it is just too expensive to mail the package. Out of sight out of mind. But I didn’t.

I can’t touch the entire world but I can touch little parts of it. I can do what I can to forgive the hurts that touch me and to heal the ones that I come in contact with. I can’t fix everything but I can do little things. Maybe if we all try to do what little things we can, then they will add up to big things.

I can’t fix the world. But maybe if the world tried hard enough, it could fix itself. At the very least it would be a little brighter. hot-air-ballooning-436442_640

Published by: thecoffeefox

Once upon a time there was a woman who was a writer. She was either cursed or blessed from birth to be so and there was much debate on which it was. One day a very discouraging (and not very original) person told her not to give up her day job. The woman smiled and said that was a wonderful idea. Following the unwittingly clever advice of her critic, the woman found a job working nights, which left her days free to write. Even better, the night job had an unusual schedule which packed two weeks worth of work into one, so the writer was able to have every other week off to sit on her front porch, daydream, and of course write. However, working at night and writing during the day left little time for sleep, so the poor writer occasionally went a little mad, but she decided it was an acceptable price to pay to be able to continue following her curse-blessing. Also she likes tea. :)

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