A whining post

I don’t feel well. That is the main topic of this post. There is whining ahead so if you would rather not read it, you may want to skip this one.

This is my work week and because of that, I can’t just go crawl back in bed until I feel better. Instead I have to pretend to be pleasant for 10 and a half hours. My body aches and my throat is sore.

To add to my uncomfortable state, the air conditioning at work stays off most of the night. It only kicks in after my clothes are wet with sweat and my hair is plastered down. Then it kicks on long enough to freeze dry my sweat soaked body. When I am dry but shivering, it kicks off again for a few hours so it can repeat the process all over.

It is just a guess, but I believe this is one of the contributing factors to me not feeling well.

I miss my blankets.

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