The Monday After

Good Morning. Yes of course this is morning. I just woke up and I work all night tonight so this has to be morning. My morning anyway.

LC prgramI spent an amazing weekend at LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN. I learned a lot, made some new friends, and got to hug the ones I only see in person once a year. I came home with so many Con stories that my daughter is insisting on going next year. (She went last year but decided not to attend this year and regretted it.)

I wish I was coherent enough to do this blog post justice but such is the way of conlag. I slept close to 13 hours. That has either helped or hurt. I can’t really tell and I haven’t caffeinated yet. I do know that my brain doesn’t feel so overstuffed now. I think all of the things I learned have settled into my brain like silt in a once disturbed river bottom. It is all still there but it isn’t clouding the view.

Expect more posts than you really want to see from me this week. I have to record all of LC28this stuff somewhere and since most of it was really cool, that means I have this need to inflict it upon others. At my very first panel on Friday I learned probably a dozen things I am doing wrong with my writing and a half dozen that I am doing right. That is valuable information.


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