Late on a rainy Monday

Hello. Yes this post is later than a normal Monday. Life got in the way. My work schedule has shifted a little since the kids are out of school and I had a couple dozen errands to run this morning before bed. I ended up not getting a lot of sleep but my daughter got her hair cut and bills got paid. Which leaves me where I am now, tapping out a blog post from my phone in between customers. Rain is pouring down outside and the thunder is so loud that you would think we had elephants bowling in the parking lot.

Life has made writing difficult lately. Last week was my daughter’s birthday and this weekend we are thinking of taking a small trip. Things like that take planning which eats time like popcorn. If we do go on a trip then that is more writing time sacrificed but I have to have a good balance of family time too.

I did manage to start a new short story last week. I sent the beginning off to one of my beta readers because I thought she could use a laugh. I haven’t checked to see if she has responded yet.

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