Why we call her mom


She is called mom. A three letter word. Sometimes she is called mommy, mother, mama, or mum. There is a reason the title is short.

It is because: baker-cook-doctor-nurse-veterinarian-teacher-giver of comfort-floor cleaner-dish washer-gardener-florist-dentist-nutritionist-diaper changer-dog walker-peace maker-writer-mathematician-candy maker-caregiver-badminton champion-game player-swimmer-coach-lawyer-priest-costume designer-fashion expert-hair stylist-barber-plumber-clothes washer-babysitter-artist-landscaper-librarian-finder of lost things-food provider-editor-scientist-builder of box forts-groomer-advice giver-astronomer-wish giver-dream builder-water carrier-fun provider-guidance counselor-banker-car washer-tree pruner-farmer-organization specialist-furniture mover-camera person-director-photographer-set designer-smile maker-laugh provider-giver of unconditional love-life enhancement provider, doesn’t fit as easily on the little space they give you on forms.

That is just part of what my mommy has done and continues to do. The longer title can vary from person to person.


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