A phone post from the alert impaired

I didn’t post a blog this morning but it is still Monday here for another hour. I had time this morning, I just spent it enrolling in company health insurance. The dead line is in a few days and I needed to sign up before I miss the chance. Then I went to bed. I slept poorly. How poorly became evident when I tried to check the time by staring blurry eyed at the thermostat on the wall instead of the clock.

True story.

My mom took pity on me, made me sit down, and brought me a cup of coffee. I sat on the couch watching the cat give herself a bath until the coffee was gone, then got ready for work. This is night six of the seven in a row, so I only have to survive tonight and tomorrow.

My mental function is slowly improving but it has taken a brownie and three cups of coffee to get this far. I thought I would do a quick post from my phone before the caffeine wears off. I hope everyone has a good night and I will attempt a proper post later this week after I have a longer, more restful visit with my pillow.


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