Walk or Run?



This guy has a big heart. Who wants to join him? $40- $50 Dollars and you can join in no matter where you are. You get a t-shirt and a medal for your participation.  You don’t even have to go outside, you can walk up and down your hallway or trot laps around the kitchen table if that is what you want to do. He is trying to get people from all over the world to connect in something that benefits others and isn’t too bad for yourself either.

Now I know some people have to work this Saturday or have other obligations, but you have up to a month if you join the virtual run to complete the 5K. It is all done on the honor system. Asthmatic that I am, I once walk a 3K at midnight in the cold. I hate cold.

Okay, to be honest,  I only walked three quarters of a 3K.  Then I hitched a ride with the event orginizers back to the finish line just so I could beat my marathon running friend and her siblings. You should have seen the look on her face. It was great. 😀

I also did this walking contest at work once for a gift card. I will do a lot when offer me money for books. It helped that I walk a lot at work and that counted as long as I kept track, so I wasn’t really doing much more than I normally did.

Anyway, the point is, even lazy me can walk a 5K in a month. I haven’t signed up yet but if I can get my 12 year old to agree, I am going to sign both of us up. (I just have to wait until she wakes up.) Even if I am unable to join the marathon, I will at least donate a few dollars to help the cause. (My son currently has the flu and I may not be able to get out of the house when I want to.)

So come one guys, who wants to walk a marathon with Sean Astin?sean astin 2015 raeligh

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