Raleigh Comic Con Part 2:

A long time between posts, I know. My hands are feeling better so I can get back to writing. The right one, ironically, is still not one hundred percent so I can’t write for long periods of time.

However, I promised you people a sequel to the details of this year’s Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh, North Carolina. We truly did have a great time and met some wonderful toby in linepeople. Writers, Artists, Actors, and Fans; it didn’t matter who we came across everyone seemed excited to be there.

My children didn’t exactly appreciate the length of some of thecaittie in line lines we had to stand in but they were willing to wait considering who was at the end of the line. Before I tell you about the longest line we had, I am going to tell you about a few of the shorter ones. (Though if you take in all the details from  the pictures, there is a big hint.)

I did meet a lot of talented professionals and picked up some new books as well as a ton of graphic novels. (Who can resist Sandman for three dollars?!)  One of the books I picked up was a children’s picture book titled: Jack’s Christmas.  It was written by J. Paige Straley and illustrated by Jason H. Whitley.  I know, it is an odd acquisition but I was drawn in by the paintings. There was one beautifully crafted page with a fox that sealed my fate. I didn’t actually read the book until later. I did however get it autographed by Jason, the illustrator, and it had been previously signed by the author as well.

sea urchinsAt Jason H. Whitley’s Table I also picked up a copy of  Sea Urchinswhich was also drawn by Jason. The Sunday comics style of this book drew me in and I wasn’t disappointed in the reading either. I think my favorite scene is the picture of this man who has been causing a lot of problems, walking around with the imprint of the main character’s shoe on his bottom. I loved it. Jason H. Whitley was very nice and didn’t seem to mind my questions. If anyone else is attending a Convention where he will be appearing this year, I encourage you to seek him out.

Note: I intended to only do three blog posts on Raleigh Comic Con. However, from the looks of it, it may turn into four. Thanks for your patience. (Also, this was dashed off before I had to dash off to work, so there may be more mistakes than usual since I didn’t get a chance to read through and edit. My apologies.)


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