Hands Down

I owe you guys a post or two. I still have more about Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh to write about and I am trying to get the last of the editing done on a book of short stories. I had a formatting snafu that I am trying to straighten out.

Unfortunately, I have also managed to injure both of my hands. I pulled a tendon in the right on and did something painful and unpleasant to the left, probably from over use. Typing or writing is causes me more physical pain than usual at the moment. (I often get headaches while writing, but that is usually from banging my head against the key board when things aren’t going well.)

I have been told that in order for my hands to heal that I need to leave them alone and not use them. Which means no writing. Which means I am slowly going crazy with the work piling up and the unwritten thoughts in my head.

I read a book once, where the main character was a thief and the woman he loves cuts off his dominant hand. To this day, that scene still effects me. I was horrified.

I was really into the character’s head and he was devastated. I completely empathized and went around for days telling people about the scene. Most of them just looked at me funny and I heard, It’s just a book, quiet a few times.  That one scene made me deeply consider what it would be like to lose a hand and how useful the things are. (He ends up stealing the whole kingdom afterwards, btw.)

I have a lot of respect for people who have lost hands or fingers in accidents or were simply born without them. I had an uncle who lost his arm from the elbow down in a rock crusher. His hand got stuck and it was lose the arm or lose his life. He pulled his upper body free, tearing off his own right forearm and hand. Then, in later years, he velcro-ed a guitar pick to the stump and taught himself how to play.

So right now I am currently using my hands more than I am supposed. But it is in order to let those who read this know that I am not supposed to be using my hands. (Yeah, that made more sense before I wrote it down.) The book release I promised will be delayed as well a few other things.

Also, when I finally get back to work, it will probably take a while for all of the thoughts in my head to condense into a form where they make sense. Right now after just a few days of little to no writing, I have all of these words making a stampede for the exit provided by my fingers. I am going to stop now before my common sense is over ruled and I write more than necessary. I will be back, but don’t be surprised if my usual Monday blogs are delayed for the next week or so.

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