A Delay due to too much fun

Well, it is Monday. There should have been a post here this morning but it hasn’t been written yet. This isn’t the post either. This is a public service announcement to tell everyone that there will be a post forth coming, but at the moment I am recovering from Con-lag.

This weekend the kids and I took a trip up to Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh, North Carolina. We had a really good trip. More details with be forth coming but at the moment I have to find a cup of coffee and then take my son to the doctor.  Con-lag is taking the form of a fever with him and I am hoping it isn’t Con-crud instead.

Published by: thecoffeefox

Once upon a time there was a woman who was a writer. She was either cursed or blessed from birth to be so and there was much debate on which it was. One day a very discouraging (and not very original) person told her not to give up her day job. The woman smiled and said that was a wonderful idea. Following the unwittingly clever advice of her critic, the woman found a job working nights, which left her days free to write. Even better, the night job had an unusual schedule which packed two weeks worth of work into one, so the writer was able to have every other week off to sit on her front porch, daydream, and of course write. However, working at night and writing during the day left little time for sleep, so the poor writer occasionally went a little mad, but she decided it was an acceptable price to pay to be able to continue following her curse-blessing. Also she likes tea. :)

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