“I am not left handed…”

Earlier this year I remarked that this looked like it was going to be a year of change. So far, it looks like I was right. I am still adapting to my new work partner but we get along pretty well. I still have a moment or to where I think of something to tell Jessi only to remember she isn’t there. We still keep in touch through phones and Facebook but it is different than meeting face to face seven nights a week.

I had to get a new phone recently as well. Last week the old one decided it wasn’t going to let me answer calls any more. It would ring and show me who was calling but it absolutely refused to let me answer calls. (I am typing this on the new one.)

My right hand is wrapped to the forearm in ace bandage right now and that makes fine movements diffcult. I am not certain what I did to it but it hurts to lay it flat and it really hurts it I try to open anything. My left hand is handling most of the heavy tasks but it is lazy because it doesn’t usually have to work this hard. I am just glad I can use both hands. I know people who are so positively right or left handed it is impossible for them to do anything with their non- dominant hand.

The thing that annoys me is not that I have to use my left hand, it is that I can’t use both hands at the same time with the easy I am used to.


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