Happy Birthday! Have a present.

Today was my mom’s birthday. We had an absolutely wonderful lunch together. Our server, Sierra, sang her happy birthday in Italian. Her voice was a clear soprano focused on our table as if she was sharing a gift only for us. My mom loved it. (Sierra my dear, if you are reading this and I misspelled your name, I apologize.)

Anyway, since today is my mom’s birthday I thought I would offer everyone a gift. I don’t have a lot up on Amazon, but the couple of things I do have are free this weekend in honor of my mom’s birthday.

Because I am a procrastinator, I didn’t get the promotion set up for this morning like I had planned. So the sale starts at midnight tonight. If you like poetry I have my chapbook available. If poetry is not your thing there is a short story.

I will have more stuff out soon. My writing skills are growing better everyday. The publishing skills still need a lot more polish. I am getting there though. One word at a time. I hope all those who take advantage of this promotion find something they like…even if it is just the fact that they didn’t have to waste their money. 😉

Happy Birthday to the best Mom ever!



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