Happy 4th of July!

4th julyHappy Independence day! As those of us in the good ole U.S.A celebrate our freedoms, I would like to ask that we also consider those who have sacrificed in order to protect those freedoms.  The people who fought, the people who died, the people who served in peace time, and the people who carry scars from battle that aren’t immediately visible.happy-4th-of-july-wallpapers-festivals-and-events

PTSD is a very real thing that many of our service people deal with on an everyday basis. Loud noises, such as fireworks, can trigger serious symptoms and leave those brave people fighting another battle within themselves.  This 4th of July as we gather for back yard cookouts and toast our freedoms, remember the combat veterans.

Instead of shooting off a bunch of loud fireworks in your neighborhood, consider taking in a professional show instead or limiting the length of your celebrations.  Maybe choose more sparklers than cherry bombs. Veterans fought for our peace of mind, the least we can do is be considerate of theirs.



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