One more night

Last night was a very very long night at work. I did my best to pretend to be Super Girl but to honest, I’ve always been more of a Catwoman fan. I didn’t stop moving all night, except for my thirty minute lunch break. I sat in the floor and read Popular Mechanics.  They had an article on Godzilla.

I have had a sinus infection and just recently feel mostly recovered.  I slept hard yesterday and today.  Right now I am guzzling down a cup of coffee in an attempt to wake up enough to stumble to the shower, get dressed and head back to work.

One more night. One more night and I can concentrate more on writing and less on which corporate nobleman is coming for a visit. (He was supposed to come today and then changed his mind.)  So one more night of playing the serf scrambling to prepare the fields and then I can follow my heart.

That also means tomorrow will be fill with gathering together all of those scraps of paper I scribbled things down on all week and putting them together like a jigsaw puzzle.


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