Blue Towels and Bad Luck

Last week wasn’t exactly the most fortuitous.  The kids got sick, I had to pick my stranded brother up from work, my washing machine died, the laundry room shelf collapsed, I got sick and missed three days of work, and then my mom caught the same virus.   All in all an eventful week. Just not the good kind of eventful.

I did get to read a lot and I got another washing machine so it’s not all bad.  Most of my white towels are also now a lovely shade of periwinkle blue.  When the washer went down it took two loads of laundry with it.  The wet jeans ended up mixed up in a basket with the towels and ended up sitting there all night.   After a trip to the laundry mat the next day (my mom made it for me since I couldn’t leave the bed or my trash can) the jeans were clean, dry, and blue and so were the towels.

I would be more upset if everything were pink.  Blue however just happens to be my favorite color and the dye job was very even.

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