flipI hate walking in flip flops.  I don’t know why exactly or when my loathing of flip flops began.  I do live in the Southern United States though, so the fact that I hate wearing flip flops ,to most people around here, sounds practically sacrilegious.

I just have never cared for the noise they make when I walk or the thong between my toes.  I also walk funny in flip flops, like I am off balanced or my heels come down too hard.  My mom and my daughter love them.  They wear them all the time. But I honestly would prefer going barefoot over wearing flip flops. (I do enjoy sandals though.)flop

It is important to understand my loathing of flip flops because it shows how much I love my daughter.   This morning I took the kids to school.  We got all the way there before my almost twelve year old realized she didn’t bring gym shoes.  (Usually on warm gym days she will wear flip flops and then change out right before class.)  She began to panic.  She had already gotten into trouble for not wearing appropriate foot wear before.

shoes_iaec1196441So, because I am a mom, I pulled over and started untying my shoes.  (We wear about the same size.)  I switched my clean socks and comfortable walking shoes for a pair of mint green flip flops and my daughter went to school happy.   I went home with cold toes.

I had plans of walking in the park today after dropping the kids off.  That didn’t happen because of the shoe swap.  I am now sitting on the couch in another clean pair of socks and I have other shoes I can wear but I am still uncomfortable.   I feel awkward and off kilter.  Like when you laugh too loud in a room fullpark bridge of people right when there is a lull in conversation.

I know it’s silly but my day has been thrown off track simply by a pair a flip flops.  I feel odd because my plans were disrupted.  I should be almost back to the car by now after my walk.  I should have been sitting under trees jotting down thoughts.  I am at loose ends because I feel whatever I am doing isn’t what I am supposed to be doing.  The back of my mind keeps saying, “Wait…you’re not supposed to be doing this yet.  You’re supposed to be doing this other thing.”

I could go back out, but then I feel like I will be trying to play catch up for the rest of the day.  *Sigh*  Oh well.  It will all even out eventually.

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