o'connorSitting down at my computer to write a blog post is an interesting thing.  Most of the time I don’t know what I am going to write until I start.  Sometimes there is a phrase or a general idea that gets me started.  Sometimes I just sit down and write.

I am moving slow this morning. It is foggy and misting rain on this cool St. Patrick’s Day.  Good Irish weather I suppose.  I thought about doing an Irish post. I have Irish blood, not just today but everyday. HappyStPatricksDay

Some of my ancestors were Irish. They came from Ireland to America after a brief stop in Australia.  I have always wondered if that lay over was willing or not.  Did they set out on a ship looking for smoother seas and greener hills?  Or did they get shipped out for not paying taxes?  Either is a likely option.  There is a story there, if only I had the resources and the talents to excavate it.

irish fogMy thoughts are as scattered as the water droplets hanging in the air today.  Not condensed enough for actual rain, just thick and damp.  I am on my second cup of tea too.  It’s just not kick starting my synapses.

I found an old book on sailing ships I forgot I had. I think I am going to go flip through it for awhile and day dream about what it must have been like to cross miles and miles of open ocean, traveling to a place you’ve never been but hoping for a good new start.  irish-blessing-with-text-larger

2 thoughts on “Foggy”

  1. “My thoughts are as scattered as the water droplets hanging in the air today. Not condensed enough for actual rain, just thick and damp.” Loved this.

    I’ve been having this kind of month, but it’s been a chaotic time at the day job so my brain just wants to rest a lot lately. I’m hoping after the big event at the end of month that the chaos is all moving towards then I can get back to creating and writing. Even though you say your thoughts are scattered and you couldn’t get started too well today, you still wrote about it in such a great and descriptive way! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! I recently rediscovered that taking time for quiet moments to just sit and let your brain relax goes a long way toward fighting mental fatigue. I tend to forget that sometimes we need time just to be.

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