Confessions of an Introvert

1483034_561558493939194_2036629757_nThere are some days when I can’t stand to be around people, even ones  I like.  It just feels like everything is too loud.  I have anxiety depression anyway so I don’t do well in large crowds, but sometimes I don’t do well with just two or three people around either.  Especially when I just wake up and everyone tries to talk to me at once.

The words don’t make it through. I just hear voices and noise.  There are times when I just loudwant quiet.  However, I don’t exactly want to be left alone either.  It would be nice to be able to sit quietly with someone every now and again.

books girlI think that is one of the reasons I like books so much.  They aren’t loud but I don’t feel alone either.  I need people.  I need interaction. But I also need my quiet moments.

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