A Birthday Post

birthday cakeThirty five years ago, at 7:01 on a Monday morning, I was born.  I was brought complaining into a wide and wonderful new world.  I was blessed with two loving parents.  I have been blessed my entire 35 years with new experiences, friends, family, heart aches, love, and laughter. Life.

I am thankful for cupcakes and candles, for birthday wishes, laughter and smiles.  I am thankful for the feeling of dirt under bare feet in the Summer baloonsand the view from a high tree branch.  I am thankful for my little brother and the cousin that are as close to me as siblings.  I am thankful for my children and that I get to watch them discover life as well.  I am thankful for the people I have gotten to meet.  For hot tea and warm socks.  For the good books I’ve read and the bad ones too.  (The bad ones help me appreciate a good one when I find it.)

I lot of people don’t like birthdays because it means they are getting older.  As with most things, I think it depends on your point of view.  I would rather get older that the alternative. 😀

a toastTo me, my birthday means a chance to celebrate that I have lived another year.  And starting tomorrow I will be stepping into the beginning of a whole new year of life.  Birthdays are just personalized New Year days.

So lift up your glasses my friends, here’s to all the days past and all the ones to come!


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