Bad Dreams and Good Mornings.

h8B887EBCGood Monday to all!   I slept in this morning, something that I don’t get to do too often.  Sometimes I have nightmares when I sleep in or I awake feeling foggy headed and with a head ache.  Today I had a nightmare but despite having my head chopped off it was kind of interesting.

In the dream I argued with the machete  wielding killer because she was about to chop my offheadhead off in the wrong spot. She was aiming too low.  I told her she had to chop higher if she wanted to get the head off in one swift strike, otherwise she was just going to dull the blade against bone.

She did what I said and chopped off my head and I lay there until someone shouted commercial break.  Then I went around asking questions about what the budget for the show was and who was the costume designer.  I woke up amused.  Nightmares don’t usually go that way, but then I don’t often dream someone is about to chop of my head either.

Sun-rising-good-morningMy cats stayed out all night and were at the door ready for breakfast.  It is beautiful out, though a little chilly.  The sky is a little cloudy but the sun is shining though bathing the world in gold.  I think if it warms up to 58 like they say it will, then I may write on the porch for a while.



2 thoughts on “Bad Dreams and Good Mornings.

  1. That’s a pretty funny nightmare. Normally I would have jumped in my sleep at the moment the machete was about to strike my neck and would have woken up. In your case, you got to get up and ask questions in your dream. Cool! I do love vivid dreams and love to write them in my journal, but not the ones where someone I love is hurt (or I am) and I can’t do anything about it. Don’t like those!!

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