Dawning light

Tskyhe sun rose swiftly this morning.  I left work a little early because I wasn’t feeling well and it was still dark when I reach my driveway.  However, by the time I climbed the few steps to the porch and inserted the key into my front door, the sun had crested the horizon behind me.

I paused for a moment.  One minute it was dark and the next it wasn’t.  I didn’t notice the gradual change in light that usually occurs when the sun awakens or beds down.  I am sure it happened.  But I didn’t notice it.  I was probably too lost in thought, though I can’t remember what I was thinking about.

Life happens like that.  One moment things are dark and and you have to place your steps path darkcarefully and the next moment there is illumination and your path is clear.  There has to be a lessening of the darkness or a growing of the light, but we don’t notice it or at least don’t remember it later.


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