Run, Run, Rudolph

600px-kitten-covering-eyes-with-pawsYesterday was a busy day with very little sleep.  I just couldn’t rest. I tossed and turned most of the day unable to stay asleep long or get comfortable in my normally comfy bed.  (Yes, I said day. I work nights.)

I had to get up a few hours earlier than I usually do because my daughter had a Christmas choir Concert at school.  She even had a solo.  I was one proud mama. It was worth the lossxmas of sleep.  The elementary school gym was so crowded I had to stand against the wall but that also meant pictures minus the head of whomever would have been sitting in front of me.

I worked last night as well and just got home a little bit ago. So I am pretty much brain fried at the moment.  Work has been hectic with the holidays and flu season upon us.  I had a few ideas for my Monday blog post, but  seem to have temporarily miss placed them somewhere in the tangled mess that is my memory.

cute sleep cat - 1….I am going to stop writing and get some sleep now. Maybe I will post again once I regain coherency.

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