Monday already?

Today is Monday.  This may not come as a surprise to most of you, but to me it was a MondayAgainrecent realization.   Recent as in about thirty minutes ago.  I mean I should have known it was Monday.  The kids went to school and everything, but I worked last night and sometimes I loose track of the days.

82nd_Airborne_Mass_Jump-JSOH2006It also didn’t help that I slept hard today.  It was very difficult waking up.  I had to swim my way back to waking world from dreams of being kidnapped by parachuting special forces guys, and being spirited onto a plane to be interrogated by the NSA about some pink goop in mason jar lid, that dissolved the lid.  Then, like the man behind the curtain, the current Speaker of The House showed up to further interrogate me and find out if they wanted to toss me into a secure jail cell or use my great scientific knowledge.  (I’m not sure where they were expecting this great scientific knowledge to come from.  Also the Speaker of the house was wear face power and lip gloss.)

I want to say it was a nightmare because it was creepy, but I guess it was just really weird.  So anyway here are my excuses for not doing a decent post.  I forgot it was Monday,  I was melon cattired, and now my head feels like an over ripe melon.

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