Conventions, The Day After

homeThere is something to be said about having your feet propped up, sipping coffee from your own cup in your own home.  Hotels can be nice and Conventions can be fun but it feels wonderful to sleep in your own bed that first night back.  Maybe it is my age showing but I find that I take Cons slower now.  I used to rush around trying to do everything and then have to fight major Con-lag for the week afterwards.  (Or maybe it was because there were not a lot of panels I was interested in.)

Now I am tired but it’s more of the I-need-a-nap tired, rather than shifting-dimensional-worlds tired.  (Trust me, coming from some Conventions is like shifting dimensions.  There is the Con world and the Mundane world.  This can also be true of Renaissance Festivals, only then you have to throw in time travel too.)

I spent roughly four days at Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA).  It was a fun Con.  (As in, I basarahad fun but also as in I wasn’t attempting to “work”.)   Science Fiction Conventions, while also loads of fun, are more like course work for me.  Often there are writers and other members of the publishing field in attendance.  I do my best to ask questions and take notes.  I go to writing and publishing panels.  I talk to people.  I hand out business cards.  I use them as opportunities to better myself and my writing because Science Fiction and Fantasy is what I write.  (BTW  The above picture is me and my crew.  I am the one with feathers on my head in the back.  The three in the front are my beta readers. And yes we mostly made these costumes ourselves.)

taiko drumsAWA  is different.  I go there to wear weird costumes, hang out with friends, and read bad subtitles.  We walk up and down too many stairs, wait in ridiculously long lines to get into panels about candy or to get on the elevator.  You can’t walk a dozen feet without pausing to get a picture of your costume taken or to take pictures of other costumes.   It’s loud Japanese music and too little sleep.  But it is fun. 

I don’t worry about the two short stories I need to run through and then find markets for.  I don’t worry about the tricky re-write I need to do for chapter 10.  I don’t worry about my skill or lack there of.  I don’t worry about the work that I love to do, but that can still be so stressful.  I don’t worry.

I didn’t open my computer even once this weekend.  I did bring work with me.  I often wake up before everyone else and slip down to the hotel lobby for coffee, so I thought I might get a chance to work on a couple of things.  I didn’t.  I read a book instead.  I walked around.  I enjoyed the early morning peace.  Maybe that is the reason I am not feeling the Con-lag.

At any rate, I did have a wonderful time and I did speak with a couple of writers and some dalekphenomenal artists.  But mostly, I took the weekend off.  However, now it is Monday and time to get back to work. 

(The Dalek in this picture really moved.)

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