A Link to Holmes

displaced detectiveI have read three of the Displaced Detective novels by Stephanie Osborn.  I like them.  That may not sound like a sterling review but honestly it is.  For one it is true and for another I have a limited number of book that I like.  That I take comfort in.

The Displaced Detective series is something I pick up when the rest of everything is going to pot.  (I think I may have mentioned this before.)   The storyline is easy to get into.  One of the main characters is Sherlock Holmes brought over from another time line.

You know who the hero is and you know he is a “good guy”.  It gives me hope when the rest of life seems difficult.  Also the books get better and better, each one topping the last.  fairytalesHere is a link to Stephanie’s blog where you can read an excerpt from the first book.

2 thoughts on “A Link to Holmes”

  1. I don’t think it could be said any better than this! Ms. Osborn’s Displaced Detective Series is not only a wonderful escape from real life, but an epic escape from the monotonous “same old story” that is so abundant in today’s bookstores.

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