rejected2I just received another rejection in my inbox today.  It is for a story I have sent out…I think the number is five times so far.  The first three times it was rejected I felt rather crushed.  It was like I had been stabbed, and the short form letters they rejected me with were just the twisting of the knife.   (Dramatic I know, but I still have this occasional delusion that what I want for christmasgoes something like the kid’s day dream from A Christmas Story.  The one where he writes what he wants for Christmas and the teacher weeps over his paper.)

This time when the rejection came I was mostly just frustrated.  Part of me wants to crumple the thing up and toss it back into the draw it came from.  The burning paperrest of me knows I have to shove it back out there. (The pyro part of me wants to print out a copy just so I can light it on fire with a candle and watch the words burn slowly.  Don’t worry. That part is always over ruled.)  One of the rules I heard repeated over and over again at LibertyCon this year was “Leave it on the market until it sells.”

I am doing my best to follow this advice.  It gets hard sometimes because the doubts start creeping up.  What if the story wasn’t as good as I thought it was?  question_markWhat if no one wants it?  What if it is really bad but someone does buy it and then that is the story everyone sees and makes them decide I suck at writing so they never read anything of mine again?

Silly?  Yeah I know.  But that’s all part of it.  I just have to keep putting that one foot in front of the other, even if it feels like I am just walking on a treadmill.rejectionslip

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