…How you measure success

black-41201_640Okay so my self inflicted schedule says that I only do blog posts on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Today is neither Monday or Wednesday, yet I felt the need to share this link.  I think it makes a person think.  What is important?  How do you measure success?


2 thoughts on “…How you measure success”

  1. Personally, I don’t measure my success in sales or even in the effect on individuals. Those are something else -measures to satisfy other people (‘well, maybe it is a real job’) or to make me feel pleased that I have helped/got through to someone – a good thing but I get that from other efforts besides writing. Success as a writer: I get it from that inner critic, who occasionally says ‘wow’ to a section, but always puts the book down at the end and says: “Not bad. But you could do better.” And he believes that, and so do I. So I suppose I will die striving for success 🙂

  2. “Not bad. But you could do better.” That means your work will never grow stagnate because you are constantly stretching yourself and reaching to do better. Very admirable sir.

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