Lazy Rainy Monday

Heavy DownpourWell it’s Monday. The steady patter of rain outside my window keeps telling me to go back to bed.  But I’ve been up since 5:30am so it’s a little too late for that.  My brain is already awake, well mostly.

It is one of those lovely rainy days.  The kind where it isn’t too muggy or too cold and I can open all the windows.  The kind where I can drink either warm tea or iced tea and still be 284646_432685473474603_712801232_nperfectly comfortable.  The kind where I don’t have anything incredibly pressing to do so I can just stay at home and enjoy it.  (Well there are some over due library books to return, but I don’t have to do that right now.)

My neck is stiff from how I slept last night.  So that adds to my lack of enthusiasm.  I’ve got some blog posts to read, a short story to Sutherland_daydreamwrite, and a book to edit.  So it isn’t like I am just being lazy.  I feel lazy though.   Better than being stressed.  I think I will go sit on the porch for awhile…


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