Beta Readers and Accepting the Truth

once uponOnce upon a time I wrote a story…

Yes, I know. You think you’ve heard this one, well listen up because the story I am about to tell is a little different. (Spoiler: I am going to admit to being wrong about something.)  You see, I wrote a story and like a responsible writer I sent it out to some beta readers to read.

Soon the readers finished the story and sent it back to me.  All of the comments were very Standing_at_the_Pool_of_Creation_Printsimilar.  They were things along the lines of:  “This was great, but I don’t think it is finished.”  or  “I loved the characters, but where is the rest of it.”  And one person thought he was funny by giving it back to me with a big “F” written on it along with the comment “Not Finished”.   (He hasn’t read anything of mine since. I was not amused.)

I loved my characters and I thought what I had was well written.  For the most part people agreed with me.  So, ignoring the “but” following the good comments I stamped the story done.  I even sent it out a couple of times only to have it rejected.

I was being lazy.  I didn’t want to think about wizards and what else might happen.  When it was rejected I tucked into a folder and forgot about it.

tigYesterday I came across it again.  After re-reading it I discovered something.  My Beta readers were right.  It wasn’t finished.  I had been wrong to ignore their input. I was embarrassed by my own narcissism.  True, I had written a pretty picture but that was all it was; a sketch without the ink or paint.

So now I have dusted off the unfinished story and have started trying to figure out the rest.  The moral of this story (since the guy titanic-sinkingwho gave me the F seems to think that all stories should come with morals…) Hubris can get in your way and waste your time.  Have faith in your work but also have faith in those you trust to read it.



One thought on “Beta Readers and Accepting the Truth”

  1. Yes, it is hard to put something out there for others to read that we think is really good and not everyone agrees.. I remember a story I wrote and professor saying that it moved way too fast. I never went back to improve it…maybe I will. I guess it was unfinished too. Thanks for visitng my blog.

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