Orange Juice & Windmills

Mooch-in-the-MorningI’ve just returned home from work.  The house is quiet and cool, my bed is down the hall and beckoning me to join it, but here I am attempting to force my tired brain to spit out a blog post.

Last night I had a few ideas about what I would write about. However, now that I sit here in front of my computer I am drawing a blank.  Such is often the way of writing.  I guess it doesn’t matter if it is a blog post or a book, the pit falls can still be the same.

There is a commercial, I think it is for orange juice, where this person comes to their ojbreakfast table and sits down with a bunch of other people. Then they all have a run down of how the woman’s day is going to go.  Something like:  You are going to be late to work because you are going to get stuck in traffic, the new boss will be there early, your son will forget to tell you he needs a ride to soccer practice…ect. 

doomAll in all it sums up a pretty rough day, but the woman just smiles and says “Great. Good thing I drank my orange juice.”  Or something like that.

I know everyone has rough days. We could all benefit from a business meeting to let us know ahead of time when stuff is going to hit the rotating propeller, but imagine if we at least had that with writing.

You sit down at your computer with your chosen beverage and all the characters from your book join you before you even open a document.  You look them in the eye and ask “So f scott fitzgeraldhow is it going to go?”  And they respond:  you are going to get off to a great start but on the third chapter you are going to leave a plot hole that will really trip up your readers and you won’t notice it.  Half way through you will get writers block and sink down in the muddle in the middle, before having an epiphany about the main character’s brother that makes you have to go back and write him in….

On second thought maybe that wouldn’t help.  Would we tilt at this windmill if we knew exactly how difficult it was going to be?

Actually, yes.  We already do.  Because writer’s are crazy like that.  We know what is going to happen, yet still we come back for more.don-quixote-tilting-at-windmills-rob-davis

3 thoughts on “Orange Juice & Windmills

  1. Love the title of this post! It has been a reminder to me to get busy and finish something I have been writing. Good post too. Thanks for the recent like for one of my posts.

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