So, I have this story…

girl-cant-find-her-lipstick-coloring-pageI recently found a short story I wrote a little while back.  I re-read it, took a look at it upside down and sideways, and decided it wasn’t half bad.  So I polished it up a little and sent it off to my beta readers.  The last person I sent it to was the first to get back to me.  She thought it wasn’t half bad either.  I waited another week or so on the other three people.

Then I poked at them a little about it and got another response from the surly one. (Yes Grumpy-Cat-Memeyou know who you are. And yes I am thankful that you even read it. Still isn’t going to stop me from picking on you about your grumpy response. lol)   The grudging reply summed up was: it wasn’t bad but I needed to learn how to spell.  (Dyslexia strikes again.)

So a little more spit and polish (not real spit. it would leave coffee stains on my computer screen.) and I decided I needed to do something with it.  So I thought it couldn’t hurt to send it out there and see if anyone wanted to pay me for it…or at least put it where someone else can read it.  (I am not ready for amazon yet and this story isn’t my usual type of stuff.)

Finding-an-alternative-to-toilet-paperMy problem is finding a place.  It’s kind of an odd little piece.  Sort of reminiscent of Charles de Lint or maybe a tiny bit America Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Anyway I have been searching for over an hour looking for the right place and now I have a headache.  I am pretty picky I guess, but I don’t want to be one of those people that just sends their stuff anywhere that looks like they pay for writing.  I want to send it somewhere where it will actually fit with whatever the place publishes.

In high school, (many many moons ago) I was one of the leaders in a group called Scribes.  high school snickerIt was a club for poets, writers, and artists.  Once a year we published an anthology, and it had a little bit of everything in it.  There were very few works turned away.  That was high school and usually back then if people went to the trouble of writing something outside of class then writing was something they did all the time anyway. (With one notable exception.  My friend Lacey was publish without her knowledge by yours truly.  She made up song lyrics on occasion and I was determined to see some of them in print.)

300px-EscribanoThe point is, most of the stuff was pretty decent.  Some of it was even good.  Now taking that experience from high school, where we even had to type up most of the submissions, and putting myself in the place of the people who have to wade through the unsolicited submissions for magazines and such….I am going to do my best not to add to their WTF? pile.  I know a little of what it must be like and besides that I want to behave in a professional manner…even if I am not getting paid for it yet.

(High school doesn’t count right?  Or elementary school?  I won a ten dollar gift card when I was a kid for a mother’s day essay, and $250 dollars my senior year for another essay contest…)

Anyway, I’ve had enough of a break.  Time to get back to the hunt. Wish me luck. 😉


UPDATE:  I sent it off. Now my stomach feels all queasy.  Sending an email isn’t such a big deal.  It shouldn’t make me feel ill but I worry. *sigh* nothing to do now but wait…sometimes that is the hardest part.

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