Cloudy days

I am not feeling well today. My face feels swollen from a budding sinus infection and my shoulder hurts from sleeping wrong.  This is the first time in a couple of days I have been on line.  All I’ve done for the past week was work, sleep, take care of kids.  Yes, I did get a little writing squeezed in here and there, but it was more frantically scribbled notes than anything else.

The reason I am posting today is because I don’t feel well…and apparently most of the people I know aren’t having spectacular days either.  The weather has some down, others theshiresamandfrodohave lost loved ones.   Whatever the issue, it seems as if everyone is facing challenges today.  There is a quote spoken by Samwise from the Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien that came to mind and really this post is just a way to share it. If you are struggling today too, just try to keep moving forward.


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